Basketball Stars: A Awesome Game (ANDROID, IOS)

Basketball Stars is a free game of basketball with spectacular 3D graphics and available on Google Play and the App Store. Ready to become a basketball star?

Basketball with Stars, you are rather in the atmosphere of street basketball, to duels and shooting competitions. The grip is very fast and the movements to shoot, defend and feint are very easy to understand. In some games, you’re going to take a lot of fun to play.

A very good play-ability

Two game modes are available: attack-defence or baskets race. Basketball Stars Hack is a multiplayer game and you’ll confront you with other real players. In every game you win, you get money to upgrade your equipment and go from beginner to level the greatest.


The spirit of basketball is really respected. You have to be accurate in the shooting but also be able to anticipate what will make your opponent. The mode-attack defence is really fun and rage when we lose a game.

The game is free and you can play for a long time without paying them. But equipment and balls are really too expensive, which is a shame. For the rest, Basketball Stars is an excellent game of basketball for your smartphone or your tablet.

Basketball Stars is a very good game of street basketball with 3D graphics look the best and two multiplayer modes very addictive. The tone character customisation options are numerous even if it takes to win a lot of money and games. Basketball Stars may well become the favourite game for all fans of the sport.

5 Tricks for your snake not die in

It is the fashion game, and suffered lag or delay proves it. And that is dying success to more players than their servers can support. However, this is just an added difficulty giving you more charisma and encourages continue playing. But how to get hold more than a couple of minutes in this simple but addictive game? How to survive and increase the size of your snake? Unfortunately hack, there is no direct more trick to practice to become a master. However, if you are new to this game, you may want to read these five tips to master quickly.


Patience and perseverance

Yes, it is a very blunt advice, but more than necessary in this multiplayer title. We must not lose sight that this is a game where the strategies of many people around the world on the same game board together. Something that causes constantly die. Until we get to develop the technique and survive longer, it is best to be patient and try to practice the following points to sneak into the top of the leaderboard.

Small downtown, large outside:

We all know that to grow in you need to eat pellets and the center of the mapping is where there is more fighting and Orbs. Precisely for this reason it should approach this region in the first minutes of the game when it is still small and nimble to navigate between other snakes and gain a good amount of mass feeding on the remains left by other players when they die. Once you have acquired certain size, it is best to go to the outskirts of the map, where large snakes are no longer at risk both for further development.


Do not be greedy, be ready

During the growth process, in the center of the mapping, you’ll find many opportunities to feed on the remains of other larger snakes. However, although most tempting is sprinting to collect all these points, it is likely that this technique end to your game prematurely. So, it is better not to be greedy, collecting only a portion of the material that has left the other snake and ensuring our own existence, and there will be another opportunity to grow. In fact, it is likely that if we walk slowly about all this stuff, other snakes collide against us, generating more food.

Protect your food

Closely related to the previous trick, it is the art of protecting our food. So when we get a snake die when they hit us, it is best to surround only a portion of their points with our own body. Thus, although not recover all their balls, we will defend a lot, creating a barrier with our body against which other snakes can collide.


It only takes a run at the end of the game before

In sprinting can be quite useful, but surely becomes the main reason for your deaths. It is useful to approximate a food bank before the others, but their abuse can not maniobremos properly and end up crashing against each other. Therefore, the ideal is to make small pulses at specific times and, if possible, in a straight line. This will avoid the greatest dangers in control of our snake. Yes, avoid estamparte against anything you see ahead.

Clash of clans update

Clash of Clans update Final Sneak Peek – Nieuwe Troepen en functies

Clash of Clans is een van de meest populaire strategie games op mobiele apparaten. Als de ontwikkelaars zijn het vrijgeven van grote updates voor dit spel, wie het eerst komt ze met een aantal sneak peeks, waarin de spelers over wat er op het punt om hun favoriete spel te worden gebracht op de hoogte.

Tijdens de finale sneak peek van de Clash of Clans: Kan update zijn twee nieuwe troepen gesignaleerd, die zal worden toegevoegd aan het spel.

Allereerst zullen we praten over de Draak van de baby, een nieuwe troep die Elixir nodig heeft om te worden opgeleid. Het is goed om te weten dat deze troep beslaat 10 opslagruimten en om te trainen, zal je een stadhuis level 9. Hier is een korte video die de nieuwe Dragon baby troepen vitrines nodig.

Het is goed om te weten dat de statistieken van deze troepen zal veranderen of je ze loslaat op zichzelf of in een groep in het slagveld. Wanneer een Draak van de baby alleen zal zijn, zal de statistieken worden gestimuleerd, clash of clans hacken maar als je meer baby draken zal vrijgeven in een keer, zullen hun statistieken aanzienlijk worden verminderd. Met andere woorden, er zullen veel spelers die een Draak van de baby zal gebruiken, om ten volle te profiteren van deze troep.

De Miner is ook een nieuw offensief troepen en zoals je al raadt het in staat is om ondergronds te graven om te voorkomen dat schade door spreuken terwijl het verborgen uit het zicht. De nieuwe troepen vereist dat u een stadhuis level 10 hebben en het zal 5 woningen ruimtes te bezetten. Hieronder vindt u een korte video presentatie van de nieuwe Miner troep kan zien:

Wat zijn uw gedachten over de nieuwe Dragon en Miner baby troepen? Zal je ze kunt gebruiken in uw overvallen strategie├źn?